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About Angamaly

Angamaly is located just about thirty three kilometers towards the North of Ernakulam. It is also close to Kochi. The township has been designated as the North gateway to the capital, namely Kerala. Having a historicity that can be easily dated up to the fifth century AD the township digs have turned up archaeological evidence of 409 AD.

About Angamaly

While its name literally means ‘battleground’ or ‘Ankam’ for battle and ‘myal’ for plains in the Malayalam language, the area of Angamaly is basically plains area that has been the favored spot for several historical battles waged between adversaries of varying strengths down the ages.

Basically this may be called a Buddhist prominent place as the Angamaly township is located almost centrally to eighteen ‘Viharas’ or Buddhist centers of learning. Similarly, there is other haloed ground nearby as just seven kilometers away lies the birthplace of Adi Sri Shankaracharya, the exalted physical embodiment of the fountainhead of Hindu philosophy. This place is called Kalady.

Even in earlier times Angamaly was a thriving part of the elaborate trade routes especially along the waterways as is evidenced in the remnants of the Muziris port.

It is a renowned commercial hub along with the few other places of prominence in its proximity namely, Malayatoor, Kalady as well as Paravur. Currently the national waterways programme is looking after establishing long lasting connectivity ties along the water bodies of the region. The commercial part of the trading centre is the headquarters of the State Bamboo Corporation as also a few randomly placed firecracker manufacturing units besides other goods. Recently, the Angamaly industrial hub is being successfully developed through joint ventures with foreign manufacturers and industrialists through technical and financial collaborative efforts. Angamaly’s fast paced development has it increasingly becoming a future satellite town of Kochi in the years to come. While it is already the northern gateway to Ernakulam, the district headquarters, Angamaly promises to become an investors' paradise soon.

Angamaly has a high level of precipitation and it rains almost all the year round. Only the months from October to February are ideal for spending time outdoors and are best suited for sightseeing.

History of Angamaly

Historically speaking the township of Angamaly dates back to the 409AD. Literally it means the “battleground” in Malayalam. It probably was the site of many a battle in its long history of accession and annexation to several sovereigns because of its vantage location. The evidence of this historicity of the township is available in the archaeological shards and other artifacts dug up from time to time in the location as well as on the periphery of the township itself.

It has been proven to be the ancient centre of the five major religions of the country namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity and Islam. Several reminders remain of the edifices that were constructed to house these places of worship. A number of prominent and sanctified temples and churches stand even today and are much visited places of worship by several devotees every year.

Angamaly’s position according to the Vatican

Recent history records that Angamaly had attained the status of Vicariate in 1896. This status was further raised to the position of an Archdiocese during 1923 when it was a full-fledged, functional centre of the Syro Malabar church. More recently, in 1992, the Syro-Malabar church had been declared as the major Archiepiscopal church by His Holiness, the Pope and the Archdiocese was designated as Ernakulam-Angamaly.

Significant Historical Markers

Angamaly had primarily been a significant seat of Buddhist learning in the centuries bygone. It is situated almost centrally to the eighteen ‘viharas’ that had once stood there as scholars and teachers passed on their learning to innumerable disciples. A large collection of coins and artifacts stand testimony to the different eras witnessed by the town since 409AD.

Another historical marker is the razing to the ground of an ancient church to construct what is presumably going to be the largest church in Asia. This is the St George’s Forane Church of Angamaly which is over three hundred years old. Although the demolishing of the ancient church may seem to be sacrilegious to many, the church authorities have maintained their stand and have advanced with the demolition process. Some parts of the original altar and other portions are believed to be preserved for re-installment in the new church.

The newer building, which is about sixteen thousand square feet in area, is located just a few meters away from the older edifice and is coming up in pink stone and RCC. There are mixed feelings about the breaking down of this church which was probably constructed for the first time in 450AD, according to a historical tome called the ‘Angamaly Rekhakal’, and had been targeted for ravaging even by Tipu Sultan and his army during the end of the eighteenth century.

Interestingly enough during the demolition work in the church further historical material has been unearthed in the form of two stone plates having elaborate inscriptions as well as a copper plate. It is surmised that these evidences date back even further than the time of establishment of the church. These evidences are being studied by experts to give information about the times bygone.

Significant Historical Events

A historical phenomenon worth recording here is that during the sixteenth century the Angamaly River had flooded over and changed its course to flow through the Chalakudy area where it began to be called the Chalakudy River. What was left behind at Angamaly was a trickle of its former self and has since been called by the name Manjaly Thodu.

Another historical event worth mentioning is the police firing during the protests in 1959. The police had opened fire at the people who were protesting against the communist government in place in Kerala. In this episode seven persons were killed and as a result the movement was intensified and was colloquially known as the ‘Vimochana Samaram’.

History surrounds Angamaly in the vestiges of the past that cling on to this day in the form of its ancient temples and churches. These and several other places are of tremendous tourist interest and pilgrimage vale for those visiting this tiny township.

Geography of Angamaly

This naturally beautiful little ecosystem of Angamaly is situated on the Asian geographical coordinates of 10012’0” North Latitude and 76024’0” East Longitude. Its location on the political map of the country is within Ernakulam district of Kerala state in the extreme south west or the southern coastal belt. The undulating area has an elevation gradient of thirty one meters.

The Angamaly Township is located on the Manjaly Thodu river tributary that flows virtually through the town. The Manjaly Thodu is a part of the larger Angadikadavu water system. It is a major waterway and is being developed as a part of the ambitious National Waterways programme. Even in ancient times this water system has been a part of the major trading routes of the region with an old port called Muziris that still stands evident of the hectic economic activities that used to be conducted along this route.

On the road route Angamaly is situated at the intersection of the National Highway number forty seven and the MC Road that is initiated at Thiruvananthapuram and culminates at the township of Angamaly itself. The situation of Angamaly is thirty three kilometers towards the north of Ernakulam. The Angamaly Municipality is divided into two localities called the East Church Nagar area and the Basilica Nagar area. The rural areas fall under the Panchayat of Karukutty and comprise seventeen habitations.

Population Distribution of Angamaly

Angamaly was declared as a panchayat in May 1952 and was considered a constituency of the Legislative Assembly of Ernakulam in 1965. However, it was about a decade later, in 1978, that it was designated as a Municipality.

Demographically, the Angamaly area has a population of thirty three and a half thousand strong according to the 2011 census of India. Of the entire population of the township, the males averaged about forty nine percent and the females totaled about fifty one percent. Almost nine per cent of the population is under six years of age.

The literacy rate of the Angamaly area totals up to a high of more than eighty eight per cent as against the national average of just about seventy four per cent.

Climate of Angamaly

This little administrative settlement of Ernakulum experiences a typical tropical climate that favors the influx of tourists almost all the year around. However, the best months for making a prolonged visit to the area are during the months of October, November, December and January.

Largely the region has long tenures of rainfall exhibiting an annual precipitation of 3232 mm. This makes for a wet and humid climate. For most of the year the atmosphere is damp and humid and a very small part of the year has some dry months. The average temperature experienced all the year round in Angamaly is about 27.50C.

Thus, while the average climate all through the year may not be very hospitable for sightseeing because of the wet and the damp all around. There are, nevertheless, about four months in a year when the climate is just ideal for visiting the area. It is most suitable for travelling around and seeing the natural beauty spots in all their resplendence. It is also ideal for going sightseeing for long hours during the day and visiting the several, singular monuments pertaining to the history, politics and religious significance of the region.

Places of Tourist Interest in Angamaly

There are a number of eminent places of tourist and pilgrimage in Angamaly as also some places of natural beauty to be visited in this small niche township of Kerala. Among the most spectacular is the Athirapally falls that comes cascading down its lofty heights of about eighty feet. The torrential stream of foaming waters dashes into the wide pool that is about four hundred feet in area. It is a beautifully scenic spot that is ideal for picnics and spending long hours lingering besides this jewel of Nature. Another beautiful spot is the Mahagony thottam. It is a picnic spot located on the Periyar river about twenty five kilometers from Angamaly. Closer home is the Ezhattumugham which is situated just about eight kilometers from this township.

Among the churches to be visited in the region are the St George Syrian Jacobite Chapel, the St George Jacobite Syrian Church, the St George Church Nayathode, the St Antony’s Church as well as the St Gerva and Prosthaisis Church. All these churches have free entry and are open from Monday to Friday usually from nine in the morning to seven in the evening. Along with being old churches they are associated with a number of miracles and have tremendous pilgrimage potential for the region.
Among the temples that are prominently visited in the region of Angamaly are the Vishnumaya temple of Panamparambil, the Sreekandeswaram Mahadevam temple, the Sree Kurmbakkav Bhagavathy temple and the Sree Bhagavathy temple. All these temples are fairly ancient temples that have great spiritual and antiquity value for a large number of pilgrims and tourists to the region.

There is also the Kallil temple that is a greatly sanctified rock cut temple of the Jains. It is called the Kallil temple because of the fact that it is made up entirely of rock or stone which is 'Kallil' literally in Malayalam. The deities enshrined and worshipped in the temple are of Padmavati, Mahavira and Parshvanath. The temple is located about twenty five kilometers from Angamaly.

For those interested in animals there is the Kodanad or the renowned training centre for elephants which has grown into a mini zoo of sorts over the years. It is located around twenty five odd kilometers from Angamaly. Besides this locale there is also the Crocodile Ghat which is situated at a distance of just eight kilometers.

How to Reach Angamaly

Angamaly is easily and efficiently approachable by air, by train, by road and by waterway routes emanating from the little township to various nearby and distant places in the region.

By air, the international airport of Kochi is at a distance of twenty four kilometers from the main township.

By train all the major stations of the southern part of the country are connected and well linked with Angamaly railway terminus.

By bus there is a frequent and efficient bus service to all the major towns of the southern parts of the country to and from the Angamaly bus terminus.

By the water route the Majaly Thodu river which is an offshoot of the larger water systems of the area have been taken up for development under the national waterways programme. It is one of the most preferred local forms of transport in the region especially to the localities around Angamaly.

List of Book Stores in Angamaly

People of Angamaly are fond of reading entertaining books and novels. Thus, they are in high demand along with other competitive and course books. This city has large number of book stores that meet the every requirement of every citizen and contribute towards the education of the people. Thus, it ultimately leads to overall progress of this city. Therefore, books play a vital role in framing the economy and development of any city. S.M. Book Depot, S.M. Books Centre, M K Kochayyappan Book Centre, Universal Books & Stationeries, etc are some of the trusted book stores where there are varieties of books ranging from course books, religious books, magazines, novels, entertainments books, religious books, competitive books, etc.

Book Stores in Angamaly

Students and people of Angamaly can find nearest book store from the below list along with the complete contact details.

S.M. Book Depot
Ernakulam - 683572
Phone no.: 9847869400, 0484 2456419

St. George Books
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 683572
Phone no.: 9846023181, 0484 2452522

S.M. Books Centre
S. M Building, Alwa Rd
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 683572
Phone no.: 9847888001, 0484-2452553

Kallokaran, Shopping Complex Thrissur Rd
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 682573
Phone no.: 9846820344, 9846820344

Janatha Book Stall
Jbs, Kallukaran Shopping Complex
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 653572
Phone no.: 0484-2459620, 0484-2459620

M K Kochayyappan Book Centre
Little Flower Junction
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 683572
Phone no.: 484-2458610, 484-2458610

Basil Books
Muncipal Office Building
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 683572
Phone no.: 9995326499, 9995326499

Carrier Path
M C Road, Angamaly
Cochin - 680572
Phone no.: 0484 - 2453244

Depaul Book Centre
Salem - Ernakulam Highway
Angamaly - 683572

Matha Book Centre
Service Road, Karukutty
Angamaly - 683576
Phone no.: 09446931783

J.J. Books Distributors
Karayamparambu Junction, Karukutty (P.O)
Angamanly - 683576
Phone no.: 09846064090

Pen Books
Kalady Road, Near L F Hospital
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 683572
Phone no.: 0484-2452107

Books & Greetings
Uco Complex Aluva Road
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 683572
Phone no.: 0484-2454761

Universal Books & Stationeries
Edacheril Building Kochi, Opp Punjab National Bank
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 683572
Phone no.: 0484-2457461

S.M. Report
S.M. Building, Alwa Rd
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 682573
Phone no.: 0484-2452953 / 0484-2452953

List of Electronic Stores in Angamaly

Electronic stores of Angalamy provide all the electronic appliances that ease the life of the people. They vary from luxurious items to home appliances that are now an inseparable part of everyone's life. These electronic stores are the best place to shop for electronic items like Air Conditioner, Fridge, Iron, Kettle, fans, Grinders, etc. They are the one place to shop for various electronic items. Jess Electronics, Jumbo Electronics, Jayadeep Electronics, Mega Electronics and Video Track Electronics are among the big stores to shop for desired electronic products in Angamaly.


Below list contains the details of all the available electronic stores in Angamaly.

Bj Vessels
Highway Junction
Angamaly, Cochin - 680572
Phone No.: 0484 – 2457614

Jess Electronics
Mookkannur, Ernakulam
Angamaly, Cochin - 683577
Phone No.: 9895714687

Kallookkaran Enterprise
M.G. Road
Angamaly, Cochin - 680572
Phone No.: 0484 – 2452033

National Electronics
Adams Circle, Ernakulam
Angamaly, Cochin - 683572
Phone No.: 9446216936

Orchid Home Appliances & Computers
Aluva Road
Angamaly, Cochin - 683572
Phone No.: 9946021324

Orchid Tv & Appliances
Aluva Road
Angamaly, Cochin - 683572
Phone No.: 0484 – 2455011

Pittappillil Agencies
Market Road
Angamaly, Cochin - 683572
Phone No.: 0484 – 2459955

Pittappillil Agencies
Tb Junction
Angamaly, Cochin - 683572
Phone No.: 0484 – 2619204

Xx/147, Angamaly
Cochin - 680572
Phone No.: 0484 – 2452176

No. 19/103, Adam Square, Church Junction
Angamaly, Cochin - 683572
Phone No.: 0484 - 2455851, 9447155851

Silver Line
T B Junction
Angamaly, Cochin - 680572
Phone No.: 0484 – 2453847

St. George Shopping Complex
Angamaly, Cochin - 680572
Phone No.: 0484 - 2453751

Vallathukaran Padayattil Vessels
Angamaly, Cochin - 680572
Phone No.: 0484 – 2453042

Blue Star
Salem - Ernakulam Highway
Angamaly - 683572
Phone No.: 04842454434

Siva Stores
B B Complex N H Road
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 683572
Phone No.: 0484-2456014

Video Track Electronics
Adam Bazar
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 683572
Phone No.: 0484-2454569

Cochin Electronics
Kalady Road
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 683572
Phone No.: 99619 92970, 0484-2732970

Angamaly Electrical
Aluva Road
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 683572
Phone No.: 0484-2453008, 0484-2458008

Mega Electronics
Adam Bypass
Angamaly, Ernakulam – 683572

Jayadeep Electronics
2nd Floor Aluva Road
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 683572
Phone No.: 0484-2456108

Jumbo Electronics
52 2nd Main Road
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 683572
Phone No.: 94465 33515, 0484-2453515

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