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Food in Angamaly

Kerala is known for its cuisine. The people of Angamaly are representative of that food culture of Kerala. An Angamalian is a typical Keralite in respect of food. The core ingredients of the cuisine of Angamaly, the recipes for the preparation of various dishes and the habits come from the same sources where it comes for all of Kerala. The people of Angamaly enjoy the humblest ‘kanji’- rice porridge- to the most elaborate food feast ‘Sadya’.

Food in Angamaly

Although the Keralites generally like to have rice and fish but the areas that are coastal or close to coast have a prominence of sea-food preparations in their cuisine. Angamaly being very close to coast also loves sea-food.

Main Ingredients

An important ingredient of the cuisine of Angamaly is rice. It is in abundant supply in the region. The good availability of marine food liked by the Syrian Christian and Muslim communities the most has made sea-food a major part of Angamaly cuisine. A Keralite loves the spices and so do the people of Angamaly. They love it suffused with the fragrance of a number of spices available in the region. Thus the rice, coconut and spices form the ingredients of Angamaly food by default.

Main Spices

Angamaly cuisine is representative of Kerala in one more feature. It will be really remarkable if the food in an Angamaly home is without spices. The main spices used by the people are pepper, cinnamon, cloves, green chilli, lime juice, shallots, red chilli, mustard seeds, tamarind, curry leaves cardamom, and asafoetida. These are the main spices used all over Angamaly in their dishes whether it is vegetarian or non vegetarian.

Role of coconut in Angamaly food

The long tradition of the use of coconut in the preparation of food remains in practice. Coconut has been the time honoured ingredient of an Angamaly dish as it is in every part of Kerala. It is used in a variety of ways. In fact, there is no part of coconut that is wasted. Coconut milk is used in several dishes to lessen the fiery taste of chillies and pepper. It is crushed and grated and boiled with vegetables to thicken the gravy or make the dish creamy. The coconut oil is used in all types of food preparations. Even coconut shells play a role in preparing some dishes. There are several dishes that are wrapped in the coconut shell to roast or steam.

Some of the famous Dishes

Sadya dishes are famous in Angamaly like everywhere else in Kerala. Sadya means a banquet of vegetable dishes. This is a traditional Keralite feast served on occasions. It is generally not served in utensils but on banana leaves. People eat it sitting cross legged on floor. This seating system is changing now with the change of time. Boiled rice with Kootan that means various kinds of vegetables and curries which may number more than a dozen types, butter milk, and a variety of desserts called Payasams make the traditional Sadhya. Pickles, sauces and Papadum are also served. Thoran or Upperi-finely chopped vegetables with shredded coconut; Avial and Kaalan- the vegetables mixed with coconut; Pachadi–mix of vegetables and coconut paste cooked in yoghurt; Erissery-a curry using pumpkin or cow peas; Cabbage Thoran, Kooty Curry, Mory Kootan, Pulisseri, and Puliyinchi etc. are some of the famous vegetable dishes cooked for Sadhya. These are the main stay of the Sadhya banquets at Angamaly.

Famous Meat Preparations of Angamaly

Meat as well as beef is primarily taken by Christians and Muslims. There are many famous non vegetarian dishes of the area.  A chicken dish called ‘piralan’ is very famous. It is pieces of chicken marinated in masala and cooked dry. It is eaten with Appam. There are several meat dishes famous in the area. Meen Molee, Meen Mulakittathu and Meen Vevichathu are famous fish preparations. The Appam is the main rice flour preparation with which these meat and fish dishes are eaten. The quality of typical Angamaly Appam is its thick and spongy centre, soft texture and crisp edges. A variety of fish, duck and chicken stews are also famous especially in the Christian community.

List of Restaurants in Angamaly

Angamaly is known for its spicy and real taste of Indian food. It has several small and big restaurants all over the city to provide best quality food to its residents. There are specialized restaurants like veg restaurants, Chinese restaurants, fast food restaurants and some of them are multi cuisines that provide the taste of all cuisines at one place. Yummy’s Chick Angamaly, Adhithi Family Restaurant, Hotel Chippis, Neptune Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Indian Coffee House and Ananda Bhavan Restaurant are some of the best restaurants where tourists and people of this city can try out the real spices of this city. Details of all the popular restaurants in Angamaly are provided in the below list.

Yummy’s Chick Angamaly
First Floor Emjay Tower, Railway Station Junction
Angamaly - 683572
Phone No.: 04846548666

Adhithi Family Restaurant
Salem - Ernakulam Highway
Angamaly - 683572

Hotel Anandabhavan
En 95, Main Central Rd
Angamaly - 683572

Hotel Chippis
Salem - Ernakulam Highway
Angamaly - 683572

Chicken Chicago
State Highway 1, Kavaraparmbu
Angamaly - 683572

Fish 'N' Chips
Big Brothers Group
Angamaly - 683572
Phone No.: 9539301795

Angamaly - 683572
Phone No.: 9809320464

Anand Bhavan Hotel
Kalady Road
Angamaly, Cochin - 680572
Phone No.: 0484 – 2452361

Neptune Multi-Cuisine Restaurant
The Surya Hotel
Angamaly, Cochin – 683572

The Surya Hotel
Angamaly, Cochin – 683572

Swagath Bar & Restaurant
1st & 2nd Floor, Muncipal Shopping Complex
Near Angamaly Church
Angamaly Junction, Angamaly, Cochin - 683572
Phone No.: 0484 - 2452443, 9388601049

Travancore Food India Pvt. Ltd
No. 10, Church Nagar
Near State Bank Of India Atm, Angamaly, Cochin - 683572
Phone No.: 9947070707

Hotel Prestige
Angamaly, Opp Ksrtc Bus Stand
Angamaly, Ernakulam - 680572
Phone No.: 484-2452737

La Reina, Hotel Elegance
Hotel Elegance, Railway Station Junction
Angamaly, Kochi - 680572
Phone No.: 04842613300

Ananda Bhavan Restaurant
Anand Bhavan
Central Junction, Mc Road Entrance
Near Lf Hospital, Angamaly - 683572
Phone No.: 914842452361, 918086469827

Hotel Rukmini
Kalady Road
Angamaly – 683572
Phone No.: 484-2457613, 2454701, 3293535

Indian Coffee House
Salem - Ernakulam Highway
Angamaly South, Angamaly - 683573

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